Manzoni Bar


“Manzoni“ is an authentic Italian cocktail and coffee bar offering a variety of speciality coffees and an extensive range of snacks and drinks. It is ideal for anybody wishing to enjoy a cup of Italian coffee or an Italian meal in Zurich. The establishment is to be found next to Zurich Main Station on the ground floor of the famous Hotel St. Gotthard.

The name “Manzoni“ combines Italianità (Italian way of life)with local traditions: Alessandro Manzoni was one of Italy’s most significant 18th century poets and authors and many Italian streets, squares and cafés are named after him. At the same time, the name is ideally suited to the Hotel family Manz and the Manz Privacy Hotels, which are responsible for managing Manzoni.

The trendy and yet simple but sleek ambiance reflects the “Italian style experience“ of the bar. Elegant materials such as marble and oak wood plus clear lines set the tone. The pictures on the wall depict impressions of the Via Manzoni in Milan, as you might expect from a real Italian bar.

“The combination of a sophisticated coffee lounge, wine and drinks bar, plus the excellent snacks cafeteria oozing with stylish ambience, and presented with a great deal of Italianatà, is hitherto unique in Zurich“, mused Alexander Manz in explaining the philosophy of the Manzoni Bar.